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The Breed...

The Siberian husky is a breed unsurpassed by any other, except its relatives.   The more familiar you become with this breed, the more you will grow to love his independent, intelligent and free-spirited nature.   Unfortunately, there is another side to the Siberian because of the very nature of his personality.  People often take ownership of these dogs because of their unique and intriguing looks - only to discover very soon that they require hard work and dedication.   The Sibe is a companion animal with special needs, and as a result is a very misunderstood breed.   People do not research the nature of this breed adequately before owning one, and are then often not able to meet the special needs of this breed.   As a result, the Siberians end up abused, neglected or simply abandoned.   Alternatively, they can find themselves locked up in animal shelters.   The tragedy of this however, is that they are one of the most euthanized breeds because of their inability to cope with confinement for long periods.

Husky Rescue KZN

Husky Rescue KZN rescues stray and unwanted huskies as far as our capacity and financial resources allows us to. We treat, rehabilitate, sterilise, microchip and foster these huskies until we can find appropriate homes for them. Given their unique nature and needs, our adoption process is very strict.

Animal Assisted Therapy

The practise of Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy (AAA / AAT) has gained popularity, and has become a recognised form of therapy throughout the world today.   Studies have been carried out to prove the value of these types of therapy, and accounts of successes in these fields are innumerable.  The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) endorses the benefits of animal therapy with people suffering from Autism, PTSD and other conditions. It is our desire to use these rescued animals in AAA to reach out to people in need, from children in remedial settings to adults seeking individual counselling. We also hope to branch into assisting adolescnets who need to witness in courtrooms.

I believe that while emotionally injured people are caring for, and working with abused or neglected animals, there will be a positive rebound effect on them.   The feelings of unconditional love, acceptance, and the sense of achievement in re-socializing broken animals, will automatically open the gates to healing in their own lives.  

There are no canine orientated animal assisted therapy programs in KZN that I am aware of. As a Registered Professional Nurse with trauma and psychiatric experience; and a Certified Animal Assisted Activity Professional, running a registered NPO Animal Welfare Rescue Organisation for Siberian Huskies, I believe I am well suited to offer this service. 

Our ARROHHH Vision

The Lebanon ARROHHH (pronounced ‘arrow’) is the Association for the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Humans, Huskies and Horses. Our ultimate vision is procure and develope a working farm and bring Husky Rescue KZN and Animal Assisted Therapy Programs together where we use our rescued huskies (and eventually horses) to work with people who have suffered emotional traumas. This human/animal partnership will aid each other in a mutual process of healing, and the result is the empowering of ‘survivors’ and ‘victors’! There is abundant evidence to prove the value of using animals to work with people who are in emotionally broken.







Silver Hansen























Adopt A Husky

All huskies that come into HRKZN are sterilised, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped before adoption.

Without exception.

The adoption process includes the completion of an application form, a strict home check, and an adoption fee which contributes towards the cost of the above.

If you are interested in adopting please contact Charnell on 078 040 8282 or email charnell@huskyrescuekzn.co.za

Mars & Venus

Mars and Venus are brother and sister that were found in Brickfield Road. They look like German shepherd cross pups. They are very lovable and playful. They are also very good watch dogs and go rushing off to the gate barking madly to protect their property. Grab them quick!


Keno is approx 18 months old. Male, he's a beautiful stray who is really lovely & playful. No cats or smalls dogs.But love - Yes Please!


Shady is in need of a loving family by 20 November 2016. Fine with other dogs although can be a bit nervous around new people. Playtime is with a ball or stick and she is a water baby (*whisper* She is afraid of thunder). Shady normally sleeps inside at night but not averse to sleeping outside. Child friendly.


Jethro is a lovable clown who likes to tease the girls... but all in fun.... and will talk a hind leg off a donkey and back again. He is really a great 4 year old boy looking for his second chance at having a great fulfilling life.


Brandy is 6 years old and great with children and other dogs including the little ones. Needs a loving home, is a quiet girl.


Levi is an awesome gentle ball of fur that melts in your hands the momet you tell him how handsome he is and start rubbing his tummy... inspite of having a strong dominant personality. No cats and preferably a home with no males or submissive males. Approximately 4 years old.


Jet is a lovely handsome fellow. He is not highly energetic. He is very attached to Roxy.


Roxy is a gorgeous girl who will steal you in a heartbeat. She is very energetic and loving and also very attached to Jet.


Sparky is a very quiet but loving boy. He needs to stay with Barbie.


Like Sparky, Barbie is a very quiet and loving girl. Needs to stay with Sparky.


Misty is an older girl who is quiet and undemanding.


Ccino is a 10 year old Husky x Australian Pointer that has an amzing quiet dignity about her. Her family is immigrating and she needs a loving retirement home.


Diego is a quiet but energetic boy. He is good with other dogs.


Sid is an awesome soft hearted big teddy bear with a gorgeous face and floppy ears.


He is a very busy boy who loves attention and he is good with other dogs.


Max is a little guy with a big ego. He likes to be the boss but craves love and attention too.

Skye Boy

Skye Boy is a 6 year old husky full of beans - a real playful little Trompie en die Bende??? Who remembers Trompie??

Skye is a gorgeous kid that loves to play and loves to be loved.

Bella Black

What can I say.... Bella is just a sweet special soul with the most inquiring of expressions on her face when looking for attention. She is just such a gorgoeus sweatheart. Does need a secure home but great with children and cats.


Bella is a 3 year old husky cross, a free spirited girl who was used to roaming the streets of her village. She is a gentle sould who just wants to be loved, loved and loved somore more. She has been passed on a few times before coming to us. Really needs to find her fureva home.


Alaska is a 2 year old husky cross. Very busy little girl. Needs loads of love and attention but has huge potential.

Jack and Tiny

Yes, you see right, you dont need to change your glasses....  ;)  Jack and Tiny were inheritied when we rescued Misty. They are rather lost amongst the 'giants' and so badly want their own home and lap to sit on at night. They are cat friendly and would suite a young or older family.

Behind every successful charity is a group of devoted supporters!! 

A charity is only as strong as its support base.

We are looking for 500 regular R30 donors to help us cover costs and make ends meet.

How can you help?

We foster the dogs in our rescue centre at Cato Ridge until such time we are able to find them good homes. Some huskies are lucky and only have a short stay with us, while others have a much longer stay. We have an average of 45 huskies in our care at any given time.


Husky’s Angel Zap-per Campaign

“If you can’t adopt, foster; if you can’t foster – sponsor; if you can’t sponsor – volunteer; if you can’t volunteer – donate; if you can’t donate – educate, network and share. EVERYONE can do something, big or small, to help save a life!”

Become a Husky’s Angel and Zap-per donation of R50; R150; R250 or any other amount, on a monthly basis. We are looking for 300 regular donors of a mere R50 to help us raise a much needed R15000 per month.

Basically the areas that need to be managed on a continual basis are:

1) Food - dry pellets as well as mince and veges

2) Vet bills, supplements, chronic meds and parasite control (worm, tick & flea treatments)

3) Utilities such as blankets, beds, leads & collars, bowls, toys etc.

Apart from attaining the resources we need to meet the above daily requirements please also see our wishlist below for 2016:





We are in need of the following items to make the day to day functioning of Husky Rescue KZN easier:

1) Industrial vacuum cleaner

2) Speed Queen washing machine (or similar)

3) Speed Queen dryer (or similar)

4) Internet connection on our farm (we have no signal at all)



You can become a Husky’s Angel And Zap-per donation straight into our NPO bank account with any amount of your choice. Download the Zapper app on your smart phone, load your banking details, scan our unique QR image and make a donation. Its quick easy and perfectly safe as all your information is encrypted. 

Whether you are an individual or an established business, your creative fundraising ideas are certainly very welcome! For more info, please email us


We will keep you posted on all our official events. For information on any of our events please email us

or keep a close eye on our facebook page HUsky Rescue KZN


30 Sep - Dinner at John Dory's Kloof - 6 to 9pm, please call and book 031 764 6079

16 Oct  - Support our Amashova Champions riding for Husky Rescue KZN - visit our Facebook page to see their profiles and support their causes.

23 Oct - Giba Gorge Fun Run and Walk 0730 - 1300

5 Nov - Husky High Tea and Play Time - details to be posted

4 Dec - Christmas Animal Antics - details to be posted.



We need help in many ways!...For more information on volunteer options and how you can use your time and skills to help us you can email us


There are always more dogs in need of rescue and safe shelter than we have the capacity to manage due to limited space and resources. If you think you could help by fostering, please email us


If you are considering adding another furry to your family, please consider adopting instead of buying. To find out more about our adoption process please email us

If you can't adopt - foster, if you can't foster - sponsor, if you can't sponsor - volunteer, if you can't volunteer - donate, if you can't donate - educate, network and share. EVERYONE can do something large or small,
to help save a life.

Get In Touch

Fore more information please contact us by phone, email or via our social network. Thank you.


  • Santa Rosa Farm
  • D246
  • Cato Ridge
  • 3680


  • P.O. Box 1001
  • LinkHills
  • KZN
  • 3652


  • Charnell Ruth
  • Tel: +2778 040 8282
  • Email: charnell@huskyrescuekzn.co.za


  • Account: The Lebanon ARROHHH
  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Account number: 62227535913
  • Branch code: 223726
  • International Swift code: firnzajjxxx